Snow Days

With a major snow storm headed our way today, winter storm warnings were posted and my boys excitedly crossed their fingers that school would be cancelled.

I have mixed feelings about snow days. On one hand, a day off for the boys means that I don’t have to worry about making lunches and getting them to and fro. I could focus on my real job that I am blessed to be able to do from my home office. On the other hand, there would be the inevitable interruptions to help with boots and snow pants, dole out hot chocolate, and ensure that they spend at least some of their new-found freedom on studying at least a little bit and practicing their instruments.

My personal opinions aside, every single weather authority agreed that we were in for a winter wonderland version of Armageddon.

So confident was I in their forecasts that I didn’t even set the alarm. I just knew that my wake-up call would come from the district superintendent himself informing me of the cancellation.

No such luck.

My oldest, who had the foresight to set his alarm, just in case, broke the news to me. While I blew on my coffee and scrambled their eggs, the rest of the boys trudged into the kitchen, bleary-eyed, and I set our usual routine in motion with the added fun of getting to scrape off the car while my husband shoveled.

Well, there’s always tomorrow – the forecast is calling for blowing snow and frigid temperatures…

What’s your take on snow days?


2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. I could just picture you’re kid’s faces and feel the chaos!Don’t worry, I think there will be a snow day tomorrow! I personally think that they should close my office tomorrow as well!


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