Mom’s Diner

Before I begin this post, let me first state the obvious – I brought this on myself.

It started off innocently enough. When I began working from my home office, since I was up anyway, I offered to fix my older boys breakfast before they headed off to school. Better, I thought to myself, than just pouring some dry cereal in a bowl or, worse, having nothing at all.

But, before I knew it, I had morphed my kitchen into a diner in which I was slinging out scrambled eggs, sausages and a variety of other items ranging from toasted bagels to homemade muffins.

Like a short-order cook, I filled their orders – three shifts worth to meet each of their three departure times.

I can’t complain. The tips aren’t so hot, but I do get the weekends off…

4 thoughts on “Mom’s Diner

  1. I’m home (without a home office, I might add) and my high-schooler still eats NOTHING before sprinting out the door, at the last possible moment. I stood on my head trying to get him to eat through frosh/soph years before giving up. He eats like a horse throughout the rest of the day, so UNCLE! The younger one still appeases me, so there’s that.


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