New Year’s Resolution Update #1

Per usual, my weekend was jam-packed. I knew if I wasn’t careful, I risked seeing my New Year’s resolution – to be more “in the moment” – dissolve right before my very eyes.

Somewhere in between making a grocery list, sorting laundry and planning how to get kids A and B to their destination while arriving back home in time to get child C to their appointment, hoping of course that it didn’t go over the time I had allotted for it so I could retrieve kids A and B, and squeeze a quick shower in somewhere in between, I stopped dead in my tracks and decided to made some chocolate chip cookies with my two youngest – D and E, if you will.

Reminding myself to be in the moment is tough. There’s always so much to do, so much to plan. My hope is that as the year wears on, it will come more easily. I find additional motivation in the countdown to my oldest’s departure to college.

By the end of the day, we had polished off the last of the cookies. I clicked on the light in my youngest boys’ room, and said  “goodnight” under the glow of the white plastic stars affixed to their ceiling years before with absolutely no particular plans for the next day.

The laundry would just have to wait…


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