Reconnected…at last!

I don’t know how it happened, but I know better than to question a good thing when it happens.

I was deep in thought, perusing the grocery store shelves when my 16 year old called with the news.

“Mom, I think the DSL is up!”

“Don’t tease me.”

“No, I’m serious. The Internet indicator on the modem isn’t flashing red anymore. It’s steady green.”

I made it through the check-out lane in record time and returned home to see my laptop propped open on the kitchen table and humming happily.


While I’m looking forward to reclaiming a sense of normality, I do not want to loose my grip on the treasures I found during our recent down time. I vow to keep books, puzzles and coloring high on my priority list while I still have a “Little Love” to do them with. And, before my oldest resumes his fast and furious Facebooking (sorry, Mr. Webster), I’ll be sure tape his report card and recently-received college acceptance letters directly in his line of sight.  Just because…

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