Let the Jogging Begin

Two weeks of brisk walking, coupled with a newly purchased set of workout duds, and I’m ready to start jogging. If I can’t master three continuous miles in the next 12 weeks, I’m in worse shape than I thought.

I am happy to report that I have incurred no injuries and am feeling downright perky. And, I suspect, my whole sleep experience would be better off without my daily dose of caffeine, but I’m not willing to test drive that theory yet.

Finding the time to squeeze these workouts in remains the biggest hurdle. So far, my oldest is guilting me into them with moderate success. My day is a constant swirl of activity. No task seems less vital than the rest, but I’ve had to draw the line in order to add this new plate – exercise – to my act. As a result, my blogging plate gets shelved more often than not. My apologies for the lapse.

 In the meantime, let the jogging begin!

3 thoughts on “Let the Jogging Begin

  1. Good for you! Do you feel like jogging is different than running? I’m serious–I see people moving at all different paces. Sometimes I feel like, “I could do that…”–other times I think, “Hmm…that would kill me!”word verification: bloda as in I’m too bloda to move today.


  2. Yes, for me, jogging is completely different than running. Where jogging is a step up from walking, running is akin to the full sprint I would break into if I were to spot George Clooney on my horizon, dangling a bag of Lindt truffles in his hand. But, trust me, there are still days when just making it out the door to exercise is a triumph, no matter how fast I move!


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