Tax Season Detox

With my tax preparer husband going through tax season detox over the weekend, I was loathe to toss him too many plates, preferring instead to ease him back into our plate-spinning world. I attended the Saturday soccer games alone while he slept in and puttered around the house. I couldn’t begrudge him an opportunity to get re-acclimated to being home, guilt-free on a weekend. I grocery shopped and did the laundry, just as I had for the past three months, while the boys did their chores and went about their day.

All seemed just about back to normal last evening.

This morning, I was hoping for a reprieve – perhaps a chance to sleep in, just a little.

But, no.

When the alarm went off, I mechanically sprang out of bed. In a shot, I was downstairs, spinning all of the plates I needed to ensure that the boys got to school fed and in possession of all required things – gym uniforms, lunch, books, etc.

Once they were gone, my darling husband awoke and asked, “Where is everybody?”  Choosing to not dignify that question with a response, I logged onto my computer and got to work.

There’s always tomorrow.

Happy Monday to all and to all a good week!


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