The Ants Have Landed

I’ve always wanted a pet. A dog, preferably. My husband is extremely reluctant to bring a pet into our house for a variety of reasons, but I never miss a chance to point out the benefits of having one – give the boys a chance to be responsible for taking care of another living being (brothers don’t count), get lots of fresh air and exercise by playing with and walking them, etc.

This week, I saw a little black ant trying to make off with a miniscule crumb that it found on the kitchen floor.  The dog that I had when I was growing up was on ants like white on rice.

I decided to launch a new campaign.

me (pointing to the little varments): If we had a dog…
him: Vet cost.
me: Exterminator cost.
him (wincing): Five kids…
me: Five kids!

While this debate rages on, I watch as a bevy of ants tries to make off with our toaster.

Now, what did I do with those ant traps?

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