The Matriculation Marathon Begins

Tomorrow is the official kick-off of the matriculation marathon. My family and I have two children graduating in the coming weeks as well as a first cousin and a bevy of friends’ children. Every weekend from now until late June is peppered with graduation celebrations of one form or another. Some are large soirées complete with face-painting and magicians while others are more subdued, intimate affairs.

I prefer both.

Aside from wishing the graduates well and hearing them gush about their plans, I’m looking forward to commiserating with mothers who, like me, can appreciate the bittersweet nature of this milestone. One minute, I’m thrilled for my sons, the next I’m trying hard to quell my anxiety. One is heading to an urban campus, the other to a high school that is five times the size of his middle school.

Not wanting them to see anything coming from me but sparkly optimism, I’ll have to keep that party mood going – even when all I want to do velcro their bottoms to a chair and keep them safe at home forever.

Let the celebrations begin!


One thought on “The Matriculation Marathon Begins

  1. I’m not quite there yet but I can certainly grieve with you…my little one starts kindergarten in the fall. This is how it begins, next time you blink, they’ll be graduating from middle school or high school and then they’re gone!


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