Guest Blogger Alert – I Like Peanuts and Other Silly Things by James, age 8

So…um…I went to summer camp. I played awesome games like drip-drip-drop, especially on the HOT days. I played sharks and minnows and freeze tag, toilet tag – like when you get tagged by the tagger, you have to look like you’re a toilet and wait for someone to flush you, then you can get up and run. We do holidays everyday like water day.Cubs and Sox day and hat day. Don’t forget crazy hair day! Ummmm. And we do songs like “Dennis the Worm” and “Rock the Boat” and “Baby Shark”. The last song we do everyday is “Everywhere we Go”.  We always eat snacks everyday. I ate carrots. Um. On water day, I pour water from my water bottle on my head. What? It’s hot! What else? Oh, the last thing we do everyday is do our journals. And we can tell as many things as we want on there. Don’t forget the illustration! That’s all. Bye!!!

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