Summer Break and Those Pesky Home Office Rules

Summer break is in full swing and my household has embraced the lull in activity that comes with it. With the exception of one son who dutifully meets with his cross-country team mates for early morning runs and another who gets himself out the door to his internship, the rest of my boys sleep in. Their internal alarm clocks that used to have them up by six so they could shower and grab some breakfast before school starts have been unceremoniously switched off. 

For this, I am grateful.

Not having to make breakfasts, find matching socks, pack lunches and drive the family bus to school, my work day can start earlier. 

With high hopes of being able to end my work day earlier, I truly looked forward to summer break. When I logged off for the day, I figured, we could go to the pool, play some tennis, go on bike rides or any number of leisurely activities.

That was the plan. 

Much to my dismay, pushed-up deadlines and extra assignments have forced me to postpone this plan. 

Since the school term ended several weeks ago, I have put in more hours at work than I care to admit while fending off wistful children, assuming that because they spotted me making a bee-line for the coffee pot that I too am on break. 

Home office notwithstanding, I know the time has come to remind them of these three simple rules.

 #1 – When my office door is closed, I am really working, not surfing the net, not folding laundry in secret and definitely not napping – Do Not Disturb. 

 #2 – While I am “at work”, do not expect me to fetch things, make things or clean things that you can fetch, make or clean yourself.

 #3 – Just because I’m on a conference call does not always mean that I am on “mute” – trust me when I tell you that members of my project team do not appreciate the aesthetics of Greenday as much as you do, nor do they care whose turn it is to mow the lawn.  

Let’s see…that about covers it for this plate-spinner.

How many weeks until school starts…?

One thought on “Summer Break and Those Pesky Home Office Rules

  1. Hi Barb,Thanks for following me on Twitter..I will follow you back…but came to visit your blog first.I LOVE it…my smile was so wide as I read it, my husband wondered what was so entertaining. You are an awesome writer! And I really related to so many of the points you made…my three children are all grown now with families of their own, but I do remember those days! Now my husband is retired (but I am not) and so it is kind of like a houseful of kids again…but there is only one big “kid”. :)I look forward to reading your posts…if you have the time (time…what is that…nothing that can be found just laying around), please visit my blog: or my website: http://www.positiveparentalparticipation.comIt's so nice to connect with you!


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