8 Weeks to Go

I am happy to say that I officially survived the first week of the “Couch to 5K” running program. My first two workouts were completed in the company of my mini-coach, a tough as nails 9 year old running veteran. However, because of a play-date conflict, I had to suck it up and complete my last workout alone.

Taking to the well-trafficked nature path near my house, I merged in with the other runners, walkers and bikers, trying to look like I belonged despite my red sweaty face and LaMaze-like panting.
Then it happened.
About a quarter of the way into my workout, I swallowed a bug. Not a big bug. Just one or three of those icky gnats that hover at mouth level. I spent the rest of the time concentrating on not allowing anymore insects into my mouth, nose, ears or eyes. Before I knew it, I was done, walking briskly to my driveway, eager to gargle with some Listerine.
When I told my cross-country runner sons about inadvertently ingesting a bug, instead of getting any sympathy, they smirked and shrugged. Each proceeded to tell me about the time they got stung by a bee and kept running, tripped on a log and ripped open the skin on their knees and hands and kept running, and  felt their eye lashes freezing together in the cold and just kept running.
Cripes. Message received. 
But, between you and me, I’m starting to think that seasoned runners are a little bit crazy.

Note to self – schedule sanity check at end of this program.

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