While the Spinner’s Away

Shhhh….don’t tell anyone, but I’m sneaking away for a girls’ weekend in Baltimore. Aside from business travel, I’ve never gone away alone anywhere since I’ve had the boys. Staring at my one measly suitcase, I can’t shake the nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something, or someone.

But, I’ll get over it.

While I’m off reveling in the company of my sister and niece, I’m not going to worry about whether the large contingent of males holding down the fort will scratch even one item off of the lengthy to-do list I’ve left behind.

I just hope that I don’t return to find the casseroles I’ve made still stacked neatly in the freezer. Further, I do not want to find a sink full of dirty dishes next to which is stacked a mountain of emptied microwave popcorn bags. I’m hoping to not have a pile of laundry sitting there unfolded on the family room couch to greet me when I walk through the door. And, last but not least, I do not want to have to go grocery shopping as soon as I return.

Maybe I should leave them a “to-don’t” list instead…


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