Mythbuster #1 – I Don’t Have Time to Exercise

I used to be one of those people who never exercised. I blamed it on my schedule. “Who has the time?” I would argue.

I agree. Squeezing in workouts is not for the faint of heart. But, if you are determined, it will happen.

Yesterday, like all my days, was jam-packed with obligations – work, oil changes (both cars), doctor appointment for one son, checking on my folks, and helping my husband pick out frames for his new glasses. You know, the usual…

In between all of that, I just had to squeeze in a workout. Not just any workout, mind you. With my first 5k just a week and a half away, I had to know – can I go the distance without stopping? If not, I was going to take advantage of the promoter’s generous cancellation policy and try again next time.

After much re-arranging of plates, shelving some and sharing others, my husband suggested that after I drop him off to pick up one car from the shop, I take off in the other to go workout while he then zips to the optometrist to have his eyes checked.

I considered this proposal. It could work, but I had to be back in time to get my fourth child off to religious education class, feed the others and ready myself for choir practice back at the church.

Leaving him behind at the repair shop, I made my way to the park district building. With temps rapidly dropping, rain threatening and the wind howling, there was no way I was going to attempt running outside. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one with this mindset. It was crowded. Lots of walkers had taken to the inner lanes and a couple of runners were flying along the outer lanes. Adding to the mix was a mother who had popped by with two little kids and one toddler who were chomping at the bit to run on the track.

“Just one lap,” she called out.

I looked on in horror as she let the kids disrupt the rhythm and flow of those already there while she stood by, chatting on her cellphone and sipping a Starbucks.

I waited until she retrieved them before joining the others.

And when I did, I joined them slowly. On this track, 36 laps = 3 miles. I took heart in the fact that I hadn’t eaten in four hours and had done my best to stay hydrated throughout the day.

I counted the laps as I shuffled along…10, 11, 12. As I rounded around for the 18th time, I started to question if it was indeed lap 18 or if I had moved on to 19 and forgot to count it. But, I just kept going. I figured if I did more than 36 laps, that’s OK. The more the merrier.

By lap 28, I was feeling downright euphoric.

By lap 36, I was feeling so good, I was actually considering doing a couple of more laps, just because.

Then my phone rang.

Panting, I answered as I kept going. “Yeah?”

It was my husband.

“Are you still working out?”

More panting. “Yeah. Why?”

“Oh, sorry, I was hoping you could help me pick out frames…”

When he didn’t follow that up with “But don’t worry about it”, I responded, “I’m not done yet. Still have to cool down.”


Fifteen minutes later, red-faced and sweaty, and really enjoying the cold temps, nice breeze and refreshing pelts of rain, I dashed to my car and made my way over to the optometrist’s office down the street.

Everyone looked at me when I burst into the shop, but I didn’t care.

I just ran 3 miles (at least). Without stopping!

Even my bespectacled husband was impressed. Frames selected, I shelved that plate and moved onto the next.

Just keep spinning, just keep spinning…


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