Bake Sale Beauties

I did it again. I volunteered to provide goodies – homemade goodies – for the band’s annual bake sale at my son’s school tomorrow.

Why else would I be up at this hour on a Friday night?
I bake, I blog. I bake, I blog. Trend? Perhaps. Coincidence? Possibly. My laptop, after all, usually sits on my kitchen table. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to dig up an old recipe from a friend – and it’s not just any recipe. It’s THE recipe.
By definition, bake sales call for more than your standard chocolate chip cookies and rice crispy squares. This recipe calls for three different kinds of chocolate chips and has a secret ingredient – ground oats (ok, so much for the secret). 
Another plus to this elegantly simple recipe – it makes a ginormous amount of cookies. I had the poor things backing up on my cooling rack waiting to be carefully layered in the aluminum pan I am using to transport them in.
My boys were allowed to taste test the ones that dared to crumble, even just a bit. I asked them if they were too sweet. It was like asking someone sitting in the audience at a Lady Gaga concert if it was too loud.
No complaints there.
After shoving the last two pans filled with little clumps of these delectable drop cookies into the oven, I figured it was time to decorate a batch of brownies I had made earlier. 
A sprinkle of powder sugar was not going to get it done. Not for this bake sale. 
Instead, I used these nifty little bags of icing, each affixed with a little pastry nozzle. Having used up my creative juices on this week’s TribLocal column ( “You Had Me at ‘Ho!'”), and feeling too tired to make anything as intricate as a snowflake design, I went with classic stripes. 
Thanks to Betty Crocker, they are now a yuletide feast for the eyes. Who cares what they taste like, really…
OK, yes, I got the idea for the stripes after querying Google. And I’m not ashamed to admit that, after I wash my hands and wipe the flour from my face, I am going to hug my laptop like there’s no tomorrow. 
Without it, I would’ve shown up at my son’s school tomorrow carrying a bag of Oreos filled with red and green goo. 
…Maybe next year.

One thought on “Bake Sale Beauties

  1. Loved your post, Barb! Brought back memories of doing the same thing…I actually made up trays of goodies for the staff at the elementary school that all three of my children went to…long after they had graduated and gone on to high school and college. :)The brownies look amazing!!! Great job!!!Have a wonderful holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


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