A Tight Squeeze at Casa de Plate Spinner

Winter break just started for my younger four boys and my oldest is home from college for a couple of weeks.

A full house for Christmas.

Huzzah, right?

I let images of Norman Rockwell’s paintings and Martha Stewart’s dinner table spreads fill my head.

As much as I like the fact that I no longer have any leftovers when I cook and I have more helpers keeping the house picked up while I work, I can’t ignore a couple of blotches already apparent in my idyllic day dreams.

For instance, my oldest, displaced from his room by his younger brother nearly as soon as he received his acceptance letter, is camped out in our family room and guest bath. This doesn’t pose too much of a problem except that his late night hours don’t correspond well with his littlest brothers wake-at-dawn hours.

At least for the time being, most everyone except me can sleep in. Until I can follow suit next week, I will tip toe around and keep my speaker phone on low.

Then there’s the mobility issue. Four licensed drivers now reside in Casa de Plate Spinner and we only have two cars.

As soon as all were awake this morning, the bidding started.

Son #1 – My friends are meeting this afternoon.
Son #2 – I’m meeting the guys to go running.
Me – If anyone is interested in eating dinner this evening, I have to hit the grocery store.
Son#1 – Can’t you go shopping now?
Me – No, I have a conference call in five minutes.
Son #2 – I told the guys I’d drive to the forest preserve.
Me – Oh, and don’t forget Chris has a lesson at three.
Spouse – And I have to pick my dad up from the airport at seven.
Me – Yeah and Daniel’s got scouts tonight.

Like a limo company dispatcher, I slated up a schedule that will allow each of us to get our stuff done without stranding anyone at home. By the time I’m done, the older two are already negotiating amongst themselves for rights to the newer Sedan over the worn-in SUV.

As I retreat to my office, I check my calendar.

School’s starts in 14 days…


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