Plate Spinning 101 Wins Versatile Blogger Award

In today’s ever-expanding blogoshere, no matter what topic you’re interested in, there are communities available to tap into for support, information and entertainment.  
When it comes to parenting, there are a multitude of talented writers out there, offering up all sorts of advice, anecdotes, empathy, giggles and grins for their readers.
As such, I’m thrilled to have received this Versatile Blogger Award from Positive Parental Participation, a website that provides a forum for parents and other caregivers dedicated to nurturing a positive self image in children of all ages.
According to the award instructions, I’m supposed to write seven things about myself and then pass the award on to other deserving bloggers.
Seven Things About Me
1.    I crochet to relax. When stressed, I can actually generate sparks with my hook and have to be careful not to scorch the yarn.
2.    I snort when I laugh.
3.   The whole concept of down time makes me fidgety.
4.    I started a running program four months ago and am still waiting for the much-heralded endorphins to kick in. 
5.   I am grateful for my friends at work because they keep it fun and for my family at home because they keep it real.
6.   I think whoever invented hot showers ought to be canonized.
7.    My writing goals for 2012 are: to get my column, The Plate Spinner Chronicles, syndicated, to generate a non-fiction book based on my endeavor to serve my family a sit-down dinner every day this year (as recorded on this very blog), and to find a home for my wildly romantic, but smart and funny novel.
The bloggers I give the Versatile Bloggers Award to are:
These are only a few wonderful writers out there – people who take the time to share their thoughts and expertise and make us smile and cry and think and move forward.  
I’m honored to have connected with these bloggers in 2011 and I’m excited to see who I will meet in 2012.

3 thoughts on “Plate Spinning 101 Wins Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Best of luck, Barb, on reaching your goals for 2012! I’m with you all the way…do you mean the New York Times has not already grabbed up Plate Spinning 101? All I can ask is, why not? :)Have a great weekend!Oh, and thank you so much for the very kind words about Positive Parental Participation.


  2. thanks for the commnets and mention here. I sure love reading your blog and hearing all about your adventures as a mom, runner, cook and plate spinner. Keep your eye on the prize and go for the goals.


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