Dinner Stats and Stew

Last night’s meal marked the one week anniversary of my resolution to do what my Mom successfully pulled off when I was a kid. Despite working full-time, she served up delish sit-down dinners for me and my sibs every single night.

In this, I have been remiss.

So, a week into my New Year’s resolution,  it’s time to dazzle you with some numbers:

Amount of sit-down dinners served: 8

Average attendance for family of seven: 5.3

Number of times left-overs served:  3

Number of new recipes tried: 1

Number of new recipes liked by family: 1

Number of frozen pizzas served: 0

Work and school commitments aside, I made it clear to my clan at the onset: resistance is futile.

So far, so good.

This evening, I will be serving a lovely chicken stew and dumplings recipe.

This is not my Mom’s chicken stew and dumplings. Hers, while very good, requires use of a pressure cooker which I have. But, while that clanky hissing sound does bring back fond memories, my many attempts to replicate it have fallen woefully short.

This recipe is nearly as good and a little more reliable. Note: instead of making the dumplings from scratch, I cheat and use either Bisquick or Jiffy.

Bon Appetit!


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