10 Things Working Mothers Do Not Want to Hear

I don’t care if you’re a child, a co-worker or a spouse. There are some things you should never say to a working mother. Ever.

Here’s my short list:

  • The carpet feels wet.
  • I said you’d make cupcakes.
  • The garage door looks a lot wider than it really is.
  • No, my concert is tonight.
  • Your mute button doesn’t work. 
  • Did you mean to include a Happy Meal on your expense account?
  • Let’s host Christmas this year, honey.
  • I like you in flannel.
  • Toss me another six pack.
  • I thought you did the taxes last year.

One thought on “10 Things Working Mothers Do Not Want to Hear

  1. Oh Barb…My smile got wider and wider!Absolutely LOVE each one and saw myself in most of them.Thanks for sending me off to bed with a chuckle on my brain. 🙂


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