Spring is Busting Out All Over

After several unseasonably warm, record-breaking and somewhat freakish temperatures, Spring is busting out all over.

In my flower bed…

in my yard…
 in my peony bed…
and, unfortunately, in my closet.
Mind you, this is the same closet that, just two weeks ago, was a veritable work of art. Organized to the nth degree, our parkas hung on the rod, the gloves, hats and scarves were neatly stacked on the shelf above and pairs of boots sat, ready to wear, on the floor below.
Now, it’s an over-stuffed, embarrassing mish-mash of heavy coats, windbreakers, hoodies and sandals.
Somehow, we’ve managed to skip a slow, gradual winter-to-spring transition during which I would have swapped out the cold weather items with warm weather gear as the mercury crept upwards.
But, I’m not complaining. Really. 
Now, if I could only remember where I put the sunscreen…

2 thoughts on “Spring is Busting Out All Over

  1. It has been unseasonable hot, hasn’t it? My son and his wife, who live in Chicago also, say it has been unbelievable…just like summer. Thanks for sharing your spring flowers…here in Colorado Springs, the buds are waiting a little longer. :)And I love your closet..it makes me feel a little better about the disaster that mine is. :)Barb, do you ever write book reviews for your newspaper? If you do, I’m wondering if you would like a copy of my book so you could do a review of it. I was just quoted in the cover story article of the February issue of Parenting Magazine…and Show Me How was mentioned…I’d love to keep the momentum going. 🙂 Let me know what you think.vivian@positiveparentalparticipation.com


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