I Don’t Do Down Time and Other Lies

I saw it coming from miles away, but I tried to ignore it.  Between the kids’ upcoming spring break, a pause for me between projects and my husband’s odd, but welcomed tax season reprieve, there would be five completely unscheduled days on our calendar. 
The mere thought of it left me squirming in my ergonomically correct office chair.
Should we go away somewhere? 
Should we stay in and focus on the oft-put-off home de-cluttering initiative?
Should I plan outings to local museums and see what movies will be playing at the local theater?
Should we visit relatives, arrange play dates, and enroll the kids in sports camps or should I seize the opportunity to schedule haircuts, teeth cleaning, check-ups and the like?
Gah… the chasm of white space spanning from Monday to Friday left me feeling somewhat frantic. 
I need an agenda, a schedule, a lengthy to-do list to tackle. I don’t do down time. Never have, never will. 
I need to be busy. The stress of it gets my adrenaline pumping. Right or wrong, I like my days to flash by in a wink of the eye and and I wear a well-crossed off to-do list like a shiny badge of productivity.
Truth be told, laying on a beach watching the sun set would drive me to delirium and I’m counting the hours until I can pry open my day-job laptop. 
I mean it. 
Really, really.
That being said, I’d be ever so grateful if you would kindly remind me of this when I’m complaining of being stretched too thin. 
Probably next Monday morning.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Do Down Time and Other Lies

  1. This is why our vacations are more than a week long, when we can do it. About halfway through is when my husband turns to me and says, “I’ve finally relaxed.”


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