If You Give a Working Mother a Cookie…

If you give a working mother a cookie, she’ll probably have it for breakfast on her way into the office. When she gets to the office, she’ll probably have a cup of coffee.

When she’s finished, she may pop a breath mint before heading into the conference room. When she’s in her meeting, she’ll probably want to assign action items to everybody.

So, they should probably avoid making eye contact with her.

When she’s done, she’ll probably go back to her desk to check her email. She’ll start working. She might get carried away and draft her goals for the entire year. She may even write them for her entire staff!

When she’s done, she’ll probably want to go home and eat. You’ll have to fix dinner with a salad and dessert. She’ll dive in, eat until she’s full and complement the chef.

She’ll probably ask you to do your homework. So, you’ll hit the books and she’ll check your work.

When she sees the time, she’ll pretend to be sleepy, she’ll tell you it’s time for bed, she’ll point to your PJs. She’ll tell you to brush your teeth. She’ll say good night

When you’re tucked in bed, she’ll still have to do the laundry. Then she’ll clean the kitchen and make lunches for the next day.

Which means she’ll need snacks.

She’ll pull the ingredients out of the pantry and start to bake. Looking at the clock will remind her that she’s tired. So…she’ll brew some coffee.

And, chances are, if she drinks some coffee, she’s going to want a cookie to go with it.

2 thoughts on “If You Give a Working Mother a Cookie…

  1. I’m LOVING the concept of your blog (my goal is the same!) and I LOVE the parody on “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” post. Well done working Mom! Darci the STEM momhttp://www.STEMmom.org


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