It’s Time to Invoke the Do Not Disturb Rule

It’s summer, my kids are home from school and I work from home.

Talk about a bad combination.

Since the end of the school term, I have put in more hours at work than I care to admit. And, all the while, I’ve been fending off wistful children who assume that since they spot me making mad dashes for the coffee pot, that I too am on break.

While I’d love to play the “I was here first” card so they leave me to my employment-based obligations, I’ve decided it’s time to invoke these three simple non-debatable rules:

#1 When my office door is closed, that means I am working – not surfing the net, not folding laundry in secret and definitely not napping. So, unless someone is seriously bleeding or the house is on fire, Do Not Disturb me.

#2 While I’m “at work”, do not expect me to fetch things, make things or clean things that you can fetch, make or clean yourself.

#3 Just because I’m on a conference call, do not assume that I have pressed the “Mute” button on my phone. Trust me when I tell you that members of my project team do not appreciate the aesthetics of the  Muppet movie soundtrack as much as you do, nor do they care whose turn it is to mow the lawn.

Now, if I could just get the park district to install wifi so I could work poolside…


6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Invoke the Do Not Disturb Rule

  1. Great Post…I have the exact same issues! Just started drafting a similar piece today…Great Minds Think Alike! Great Blog!Best,MeganFounding


  2. So hard, Barb, when one works from home. I did it for many years (as well as my husband) and it’s almost hilarious how many people will call, wanting to chat, because, after all, you ARE home. I applaud your DO NOT DISTURB invocation…you had me rolling on the floor.Hope your summer is filled with jobs successfully completed and kids positively engaged and not bothering you too much and time for you to enjoy life and your kids. 🙂


  3. Vivian – Good to hear from a work-at-home “survivor”! I share your hopes for a summer filled with positives all around and am focusing on our abundant blessings. : ) Also wanted to tell you, my library was very grateful to receive a copy of your book! I plan on bringing my copy along on an upcoming road trip. Can’t wait to read it. Take care!


  4. Moyra – LOL, you nailed it! I take refuge in the fact that, should any of my kids be fortunate enough to work from home someday, I’ll make a point of stopping by at the most inopportune times…


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