Fall, Flannel and a Fashion Faux Pas

With cooler-than-normal temps, rain and gusty winds in the forecast, I think it’s safe to say that Fall has arrived.

The signs are everywhere.

Here in the midwest, the leaves are just starting to change hue, going from green to gold and crimson…

…and Halloween candy is on full display at the grocery store.

Surrendering to the urge to make stews and cobbler, I’ve even dusted off my crock pot.

But here’s a question for you:  Is it time for flannel sheets?

Given that the sets in my linen closet are adorned with things like snowflakes, reindeers, holly and sleds, I’m wondering if it’s too early.

Maybe I’m over thinking this.

My boys are already pulling out their flannel shirts and wearing them over their t-shirts (God forbid they wear an actual jacket when the temps dip below 50 degrees).


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