What Price Romance?

Drooling as I do over jewelry ads this time of year, I can never seem to find anything that would serve as ample evidence of my husband’s affection for me. Lucky for him, bummer for me.

I have waxed nostalgic over my lost engagement ring before. Custom made, replacing it with a new bit of bling simply doesn’t hold any appeal.

Besides, as the years pass, any big ticket items we get usually end up in my kitchen or garage, not on my finger.

A few years back though, my husband came up with a unique gift idea to demonstrate his affection for me. Nearly twenty years into our marriage, our everyday dishes – the pattern I fell in love with while registering for wedding gifts – were reduced to a few sad chipped and scuffed pieces. Scouring every Goodwill in the county, he surprised me with a fully replenished set.

Sure, he probably only coughed up twenty bucks, but it doesn’t matter. He still managed to sweep me off my gravy boat (and matching ladle).

This year, my expectations were not high. I mean, how do you top that? But, once again, my betrothed delivered a truly novel gift and a week early to boot!

Coming home after a long day slaving over tax returns, he couldn’t wait to deliver the news.

Turns out, he got a new client.

Turns out, he was able to get her a better-than-expected return.

Turns out – and here’s the best part – she used to work in the publishing industry.

My husband, typically the bubble burster to my full-time-novelist-slash-New-York-Times-best-seller-list dreams, coolly announced, “Really? My wife’s a writer.”

He proceded to google me and show this lovely client a sampling of my literary escapades.

OK, I was wrong. This is the best part. She said, “Have her call me. I’m still in touch with some acquisition editors. If she’s got a manuscript, I’d be happy to put it in front of them.”

He looked at me expectantly. All I could say was, “You had me at, ‘My wife’s a writer.'”

Just to put this in perspective, my bean counter cabana boy, the one who knows exactly where we stand in the financial scheme of things 24/7, just endorsed my dream – and likely nabbed himself the coveted role as president of my future fan club.

And it didn’t cost him a red cent. Maybe the best things in life really are free.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and to all a (fill in desired gift of choice here)!


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