A New View

Eight weeks since my last post? Wow. That’s pretty shabby. Probably blows all sorts of blog etiquette right out of the water, huh?

My apologies. But, truth be told, I’ve been a really busy girl. More so than usual.
The thing is, once the tax season ended, it was my turn to play breadwinner and I shifted my job search into high gear. After sending out a flurry of resumes, I found one. While it may not be instrumental in advancing my career as a New York Times best selling author, it is a wonderful opportunity for which I am very, very grateful. 
It’s also required me and mine to adopt a whole new routine. No longer a telecommuting working mom, I hop on a train like all of the other regular commuters and spend my days downtown. My men, on the other hand, have (so far) sucked it up and taken on all manner of household chores that I no longer have the time, energy or inclination to tackle once I get back home. Go them.
Yep. Three weeks in and I’m still gushing about my new job with all of the giddiness of a lotto winner. I love my building’s location, my office space, my “neighbors”, my manager, her manager, my team mates and my work. It’s all good. Granted, six months from now, I may start grousing about the walk to work from the train station – the gale-force winds whipping off the lake can be mighty nasty, but what better excuse to go shopping for a new faux-fur trimmed coat and matching boots?
Remember awhile back when I told you about getting laid off and the sage advice my Mom gave me? As usual, she was right. God did close a door, but he turned me in the direction of a window. It may not have the view I was hoping for, but I’m OK with that.
Leaving my previous job’s stress in my wake, I’m enjoying the sights, sounds and bustle of being downtown again. I get to have lunch with one of my college boys every now and then and I am in walking distance of at least one renowned literary agent. Oh yeah…don’t think for a second that I’m giving up on getting published. 
Now, how about you? Been shown any windows lately? Got a new view you care to share? 

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