Give Your To Do List a Rest

It’s Saturday! A day off, right?

Most plate spinners use Saturday to get an upper hand on their to do list. I know I do. But, in robbing ourselves of some much-needed down time, we’re just begging for burn out. And who needs that?

I know I don’t.

With my husband and one son off to a cross-country meet and another son taking his ACT exam, that leaves me and my baby (he’d kill me if he knew I called him that). We can go for a bike ride, catch a flick, or maybe do some Halloween costume shopping. Hmmm….the possibilities.

Sure I’ll have to squeeze in a few things on my to do list today, like laundry (it’s cross-country season – need I say more?) and groceries (ditto).

But today feels different. The sky is blue, the air is crisp, and true to its name, the red balsam in our front yard is starting its annual transformation from green to gold to burgundy.

The urge to bake is overwhelming and I’m this close to surrendering.

Oh, all right, I give. Bake it is.

Given that tomorrow is the first day of fall, I’ll make Colonial Pumpkin Bars, a tasty recipe I found on online some years back that my boys tend to devour. Being a plate spinner, though, I more often than not use store-bought cream cheese frosting. Sacrilege to you purists out there, I know, but I do it in the name of time management.

This recipe has the added bonus of filling my house with the warm fragrance of autumnal spices, which  will be desperately needed if I don’t get to that pile of laundry.

What’s your favorite fall recipe? If you’ve got a few minutes to spare in your busy day, please dish.


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