A Thanksgiving Carol

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a week away. But, then again, I’m not hosting this year. You’d think that would give me plenty of time to come up with a brand new Thanksgiving ditty for you, right? Wrong.

What I’m coming up with instead is a new book. I’ve jumped in with both feet and am up against an aggressive deadline. As such, my house is a little messier than usual, my kids have taken over in the kitchen, and my husband has, for all intents and purposes, slipped into single-parent mode.

That being said, I submit for your reading pleasure an encore presentation of my original “Thanksgiving Carol”…

‘Twas days from Thanksgiving, and nothing was done
My job needed effort, my kids wanted fun.
The deadlines at work kept me stuck in my chair.
Leaving no time to shop or plan with great care.
A large crowd was coming to eat on that day.
The nieces and nephews and in-laws would stay.
A ball game they’d watch on my flatscreen TV
Eating some pie and cheering with glee.
The thought of the crowds, wanting nice food and fun
While projects at work kept me under the gun
Had me wondering why in the world I would host.
When all I do want is to sleep in the most.
My work must come first, I cried and implored.
I have to do well ne’er my job be off-shored.
My sisters assured me they’d come to my aid
Leaving all doubt behind that I wouldn’t get paid.
“Rally the children to help with the cleaning
Surely they can’t spend the day just IMing!”
My husband, so wise, had me in fits of laughter.
Just wait, I told him, to see what comes after.
The house will be cluttered, the carpet a mess
Our only recourse? A change of address.
Leave the kids to their fun, I’ll come up with a way
To get my work done before the big day.
With one day to go, it all seemed so tragic.
My office was dull and devoid of all magic.
My phone, it did ring and I answered the call.
Wondering how in the world I would manage it all.
When a voice so familiar spoke into my ear
“How’s it going?” Sis asked. “The big day is near.”
Don’t fear, I calmed her, the store has the bird.
They said they would thaw it. They gave me their word.
As I drove home that night, the bird in the trunk
I thought of the lonely, the hungry, the sunk.
Did I have it all wrong? Could I be so mistaken?
It’s not about food, or when I’ll awaken.
It’s not about cleaning or even the baking.
It’s how we give thanks for what we are taking.
I made up my mind to be the best host
Spending time with the ones that I love the most.
As we sat at the table, I took in the sight
Of my family around me and safe on that night.
After saying our Grace, we counted each blessing
Then helped ourselves to large spoonfuls of dressing.                  
Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good bite! 


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