Banking on Time

I’m currently enjoying a rare, but most welcomed, lull in my usually crazy busy life. Instead of having my day scheduled to the minute, I actually got to sleep in this morning and then enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee when I finally rolled out of bed.

No tearing out the door to run errands or firing up my laptop to work on a book. Not today anyway.

I could easily get used to this calm, unfettered lifestyle, but deep down I know this is just a calm before the next storm of activity. Why by this time next week, I’ll be hanging a “no vacancies” sign on my front door after my college boys return home for spring break.

Before that happens, though, there’s just so much to do and so little time in which to do it. Their bedrooms, essentially converted to storage rooms and offices in their absence need to be cleared and aired out. The pantry must be restocked and the laundry room supplies need to be topped off for the incoming loads.

And, at some point in the midst of this crazy busyness, I expect to get revisions from my editor on book # 2 of my Assignment: Romance series that I’ll have to turnaround ASAP.

clocksWhat’s that you say? We loose an hour this weekend?

Hmm..I could always have the college boys camp in the family room. And order take out. On their way to the laundry mat.

Oh, who am I kidding?

Lull over. Commence crazy busyness.


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