Runs in the Family

Last Monday, I got to type my two most favorite words ever: The End.

Still basking in the euphoria of sending my manuscript for Key Change, the latest installment in my Assignment: Romance series, off to my publisher, I made the foolish mistake of stepping on the scale the very next morning to assess the damage I’ve done to my body by sitting for way too many hours a day, months on end.

The numbers flashing back at me were not un-horrific.

I know I shouldn’t have been surprised. Lack of physical activity + eating foods that are high on convenience and low on nutrition = one pudgy plate spinner.

To that end, I’m channeling my inner Mattie (False Start fans, you know of whom I speak) and have my sights set on a Turkey Trot 5k. My oldest son has agreed to run it with me, but will bid adieu at the 10k course split. Just for kicks, I’ve notified my younger two, both avid runners, that they will be joining us while my oldest boy has agreed to try and reel in sons #2 and #3.

I can see the t-shirt design already: Team Valentin.

Me and my youngest, Pre-fon James

While I have run a 5k before, at this very same Turkey Trot as a matter of fact, followed by an 8k, because I’ve been fairly sedentary for so long, I know it won’t be easy. Sticking with what I know works for me, I’m dusting off Cool Running’s tried and true C25k plan, but am jumping in at week 4 (figuring my daily mad dash between my train and office is roughly equivalent to acing week 3’s goals).

And because Team Valentin has its sites set on tackling the Peachtree Road Race, huffing and puffing my way across the finish line at the Turkey Trot will be just another step on the long, arduous road to returning to my lean-mean-plate-spinning-machine self.

Will I ever run the Chicago Marathon? Who knows? But, I know my odds are much better with my boys by my side.

Let the training begin!


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