Why I *heart* Valentine’s Day

What do you get when you cross two busy spouses with one guilt-inducing, romance-infused holiday?

Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.Chocolate-2

I expect nothing less from the man who has gifted me with enormous heart-shaped boxes of my favorite confection ever since that fateful Valentine’s day oh-so-many years ago when he popped the question (yes, he gave me a diamond engagement ring and chocolate – is it any wonder I’m crazy about the man).

Valentine's CardI usually get a card, too. A nice mushy one.

What do I get him, you ask?

I assume you mean besides five strapping sons…

Well, uh, let’s see. Given that I’m married to a “numbers guy” who is up to his eyeballs in tax returns this time of year, I’ll be lucky if I even see him at all on the big day.

Not that that’s an excuse. I’m proud to say I had the foresight to buy him a card as soon as the stores swapped their New Year’s paraphernalia for all things Cupid-y.

I just have to remember where I stashed it…

And seriously – do we really need to exchange gifts on this one particular day just to prove our love for one another?

I think not.

We do lovey-dovey stuff for each other all the time, like when I make him a sandwich to bring to work or he brings me a hot cup of coffee when I’m half-asleep in the shower. If that doesn’t say romance, I don’t know what does…

George-and-Me-1983So why do we fall prey to this silly tradition? Would blowing it off mean we love each other any less?


me and george (1)But it does serve to remind us that our romance is alive and well. That’s why we still go on date nights, support each other on bad days and celebrate the good days. And who knows? I might even share my chocolate with him – even if he is a numbers guy.


2 thoughts on “Why I *heart* Valentine’s Day

  1. I’m giving Hubby chocolate (which he WILL share with me)and he will give me jewelry. I think that’s pretty fair, don’t you?

    I do believe the nicest, most romantic thing Hubby ever did for me was take my car in for emission testing one February. We have three sons, one with autism, and I was in graduate school. I just didn’t have time to take my car in that year and had to do it by the end of February. I parked my car as usual in the commuter parking lot and when I got home, it was not parked where I had left it. I came home and he told me he walked to the parking lot, took the car in, came back and parked it, then walked back home. In February he walked…..romantic, dontcha think! I don’t think he had time to get me a card but I didn’t care. That year!

    Hope it’s a wonderful, chocolate filled day for you, BV!


    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Marie! Your hubby sounds like a real sweetheart (and, yes, deserving of some of your chocolate)! 🙂


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