A Sunny-side Up Summer

augustI know what you’re thinking…”Where’ve you been? It’s August, for Pete’s sake!”

You’re right. This summer has flown by. Why it seems like just yesterday I was pulling my white capris and sandals from the nether regions of my closet.

So much has happened in the last two months. Too much to write about really. Some of it good. Some bad.

I’ll start with the good.

  • My eldest landed his dream job just weeks before he graduated with his Master’s degree (ever the overachiever).nala
  • My second eldest brought an adorable feline home with him from college (me being a dog person, this speaks volumes).
  • daniel
    My third eldest went to Morocco for a study abroad stint and arrived back safely six weeks later (cried when I finally got him back in my arms, I did).
  • My fourth eldest committed to his college of choice (I had every confidence…really).
  • My youngest mastered making his favorite breakfast – eggs, sunny side up.
  • My sister moved back home after spending a year plus on the East coast (worst Thanksgiving ever last year when she couldn’t join us).
  • As for me, I finished my fourth book (hint, hint…you can find the pre-order links on My Books page).

Now for the bad.map

  • My eldest landed his first job…on the East coast (enough said).
  • My second eldest brought a cat home (along with a truckload of cats toys and accessories).
  • My third eldest is already talking about his next study abroad adventure…in India (this from the young man who ate nothing but bread while in Morocco).
  • My fourth eldest is going away to college (I get verklempt just thinking about it).
  • My youngest is starting 8th grade in the fall (8th grade!!!).
  • My sister is still looking for work (anybody looking for a brilliant corporate L&D executive?).
  • The deadline for my next book is October 1st (insert hearty laughter here).

Throw in the loss of two old friends, the rise of global terrorism, our choices for our next Commander-in-Chief, and worst of all – the rising cost of all things chocolate, and I’ll be the first to admit…I’m finding it harder and harder to focus on the good stuff.

In an attempt to claw my way out of the all-powerful, ever-present vortex of negativity, I’m going to follow my mother’s age-old advice and count my blessings.

eggsWhile looking on the bright side is sometimes easier said than done, the sight of my youngest at the stove, spatula in hand, is enough to remind me that things can only get better. Messier, maybe, but definitely better.

One thought on “A Sunny-side Up Summer

  1. Sounds like a summer of adventure! Here’s so a calm fall (ha!) in which you can whip up that next book.

    Short of a calm fall, I’m sure you can whip up that next book, easy-peasey. I’ll send chocolate.


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