Black Friday Sale

Do you have any romantic comedy lovers on your gift list this year? If so, do I have a deal for you! FLIGHT RISK, book #4 in my Assignment: Romance series is available now for just .99 cents (buy links below)!

Here’s a synopsis:

When Aubrey Thomas, a phobic travel writer, must chose between jumping to what she considerers certain death from a skydiving static line or sinking even deeper into debt in the unemployment line, she scrambles to find someone—anyone!—who can help her overcome her debilitating fear of heights. Enter John Trelawney, a charming window washer who thinks nothing of dangling by a cable fifty stories up and claims he can cure her. Everything about John makes Aubrey nervous… including the way her heart kicks into overdrive whenever he’s around. But, at the end of her rope, she takes him up on his offer. Can he really help her get over her fear of heights? Or will Aubrey find herself free falling…possibly even in love with him?

Here’s what critics have to say about it:

“This was a very cute cozy romantic comedy, and a very quick read because I couldn’t put it down. The characters were well developed and I had no problem falling in love with both Aubrey and John, and also Aubrey’s Nana! I hope there is a sequel to this book!” – 5-star Amazon review

“Thank you for the escape and smiles!” – Another 5-star Amazon review

“This is a great addition to the “An Assignment: Romance Novel” series. I have read them all and they just keep getting better.” – Reading is My Passion Review

“The “Assignment: Romance” series has always been one of my favorites, which is why I couldn’t wait to read Flight Risk. As always, Valentin puts her own unique spin on relationships, whether it’s between romantic interests, or friendships.” – ChickLitCentral Review

Here’s where you can get a copy:


Happy shopping (and reading)!


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