I Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

Hey, look at me! Mrs. I'm-so-on-top-of-things-I-go-for-a-run-on-my-lunch-break. Yeah. Go me. Not five minutes in, I felt an odd, aching sensation in the back of my upper right thigh that only got worse as I kept going. Hoping to not aggravate whatever was causing it, I hobbled home wondering what the heck had just happened. I've been oh so careful, stretching … Continue reading I Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

A Writer’s Gotta Write

As of, oh, now...I'm a scant 9330 words into Flight Risk, the next novel in my Assignment: Romance series. Not too shabby considering I am only able to squeeze writing in between caring for my boys, getting myself 5k ready and working full-time. But when I consider that I need to have the entire manuscript … Continue reading A Writer’s Gotta Write