Celebrating International Chick Lit Month

Join me and 40+ other bestselling Chick Lit and Romantic Comedy authors┬áMay 7th-13th when we'll be celebrating International Chick Lit Month with the fun and prize-filled Happily Ever After Hop! Don't miss the party fun, including individual giveaways (books, author swag, gift cards, etc.) and other fabulous prizes! Psst...I'll be offering a chance to win … Continue reading Celebrating International Chick Lit Month


Two New Releases

I know, I know...I've been on radio silence lately, but I've been a little busy writing, editing and writing some more, and I'm thrilled to finally announce that I have two new releases - one out today, one coming soon! First up is my first short story! SPRING AHEAD, a prequel to Help Wanted (Assignment: … Continue reading Two New Releases