Make. My. Dream.

It's finally here, that point in my fledging writing career when I'm within a bookmark's length of achieving a lofty literary dream - making a bestseller list. While I've got five published novels to my name, "making a list" has eluded me. Longtime readers know of which I speak. Enter my esteemed publisher who is … Continue reading Make. My. Dream.

The Power of Peonies

It's late May, that time of year when my peony bushes begin to sprout big pink ant-filled buds. While I love the smell, bringing them into the house is akin to asking the pest control guy to move in with me. It also marks the one-year anniversary of being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis - the … Continue reading The Power of Peonies

Two New Releases

I know, I know...I've been on radio silence lately, but I've been a little busy writing, editing and writing some more, and I'm thrilled to finally announce that I have two new releases - one out today, one coming soon! First up is my first short story! SPRING AHEAD, a prequel to Help Wanted (Assignment: … Continue reading Two New Releases