Have Chicken, Need Recipe

I was going to title this entry, “So Many Leftovers, So Little Time” but I will state it here instead as a reason why I did no main meal cooking this weekend.

We’re taco’d out.

Further, my weekly menu-planning session was pre-empted by a DIY renovation planning meeting at my sister’s house, but more on that later.

But I do have a package of chicken tenderloins ready and will to be transformed into a delectable dinner.

Here’s the problem – my old reliable chicken recipes bore even me, let alone the kids.  If you have one that you’d care to share, please do. I’m game as long as it’s quick, easy and doesn’t require a trip to the grocery store to buy anything exotic like capers, peanut oil or currant jam.

Thanks and have a lovely Monday…

3 thoughts on “Have Chicken, Need Recipe

  1. Thanks, Vivian – No worries. It’s good to be a busy writer! : DWhen you have time, send me your recipe. Alcohol typically burns off during cooking (doesn’t it?), so the kids should be fine…


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