Stuck with a Stay-cation

Ach! I know, I know…it’s been too long. Like the inside of my closet, my blog has fallen victim to the “out of sight, out of mind” rule.

This upcoming week is Spring break for my boys, but there won’t be any out-of-town vacationing for us, unfortunately. It’s still tax season and my husband cannot peel himself away from work just yet. But it’s also Holy week with lots going on at church. I don’t remember the last time the these two rites of Spring fell on the same calendar week and it’s definitely throwing me off.

In my house, the week preceding Easter is typically jam-packed with harried trips to the store after work for new khakis and dress shirts and goodies for their baskets. Last year, I even ran out of time to color the eggs!  This year, I’m sure I’ll still be making several trips to the store after work, but at least I won’t be getting up at the crack of dawn to get them off to school.

What to do with five bored boys, though, when I’m in my office working – now that’s the question. If only I could take them to the zoo or downtown to some museums or to the movies. If I play my cards right, by the end of their break, my oldest may be sorry he ever got his license…


2 thoughts on “Stuck with a Stay-cation

  1. Yes, as long as I’m very precise in my instructions, that could work – otherwise, wars will erupt over who is supposed to do what and I risk ending up with more of a mess than we started with! : / Thanks for the suggestion, though!


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